3 Ways to Conquer the Summer Job Search

3 Ways to Conquer the Summer Job Search

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Learn how to stand out amongst your competition and still enjoy your summer.

I stopped by PIX-11 this past Wednesday to chat with Frances Rivera about job seeking in the summer. 

Let’s face it: rising temperatures usually make job-search activity cool off. It’s tough to keep your head in the game when your job search is competing against beach trips and block parties for calendar space.

However, if you can breeze past these distractions, the summer can be a great time to kick your job search up a notch…when everyone else is still sleeping or sunbathing!

Here are three tips to help you stay ahead of the competition and still enjoy your summer.

Stay Fresh

A recent study by TheLadders found that you need to apply to a job within 72 hours after it’s been posted online – after that, the chances of your application even being opened drops by 50%! So, what do you do? Carve out some time every day to review the freshest job listings so you know which jobs you need to apply to and when.

Search on the Go

People think “job search” and they automatically imagine themselves stuck indoors all day glued to their hot computer. Not anymore! You can take your job search anywhere with your smart phone. Download job-search apps like TheLadders new free iPhone app to review your job matches and understand who your competition is before you apply.

Party with a Purpose

The summer is all about beach parties, baseball games, and other fun outdoor activities. I want you to enjoy these events with your job search in mind – go in with a game plan to network. Studies have found you’re ten times more likely to get a call back when your application includes an employee referral. You never know – the person sitting next to you as the Yankees game could be the key to your next job application.

Click on the following links for more tips on summer job searches and to access my interview with PIX-11’s Frances Rivera.

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