6 Tips for Turning a Summer Job into a Full-Time Career

If you’re looking for a job this summer to fill the warm-weather months, you’re in luck. According to CareerBuilder.ca’s summer hiring forecast, 43 per cent of employers plan to hire seasonal workers this summer.

And if you’re hoping that job continues as the weather turns cooler, the news is also encouraging. Forty-eight per cent employers hiring during the summer will be considering seasonal staff for permanent positions.

So, how do you turn your seasonal job into a permanent role?

Here are six tips to finding a job this summer, and keeping it all-year long.

Be proactive

Sure, it’s important to complete all of the responsibilities tied to your job, but if you want to get hired permanently, it may not be enough. According to the study, 56 per cent of employers say that by proactively asking for more projects or responsibilities, seasonal workers can increase their chances of getting a full-time job. By showing that you can take on bigger workloads and like to challenge yourself with different assignments, you’ll help the employer see your future potential.

Go outside of 9-5

Another way employers say seasonal workers can help their efforts towards getting hired permanently is by showing up to work early or staying late (48 per cent). As much as you want to dash as soon as the clock strikes 5 pm to go out and enjoy the warm temperatures, staying a little later shows the boss that you take the job seriously and put work responsibilities first.

Speak up

If you think that just because you’re a seasonal employee, you should keep your ideas to yourself, think again. Employers want to hear from you – 47 per cent say that workers can up their chances of getting hired permanently by not being afraid to share ideas. In fact, sometimes getting a fresh perspective from a newer employee can help the company think about things in different, and better, ways.

Help lessen others’ workloads

Forty-six per cent of employers surveyed offer this advice to seasonal employees trying to get hired full-time: proactively ask people if they need help. While offering aid to your overworked boss can surely score you points, try spreading the assistance around to other team members too. The news will surely spread that you’re a team player.

Watch what you wear

Typical summer attire includes shorts, sandals and tank tops. But unless you’re working in a casual, outdoor environment, avoid those outfit choices when in the office. Thirty-nine per cent of employers say that dressing professionally can help increase a summertime employee’s odds of getting hired permanently. Spend on some dress pants and tailored tops now, and hopefully your investment will pay off with a permanent role.

Show companionship to your co-workers

If you’re working at a temporary job, you may think there’s no point in getting to know your colleagues, because you likely won’t see them again after your time at the company ends. Yet 39 per cent of employers suggest that a temporary worker makes an effort to get to know co-workers if they want to have a better chance of landing a permanent role. While you don’t have to be best friends with your colleagues, by making a good impression on others in the office, you’ll have more people who will advocate for you, should a full-time position open up.

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Article source: http://www.careerbuilder.ca/blog/2015/05/22/6-tips-for-turning-a-summer-job-into-a-full-time-career/

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