Common Interview Question: Have You Had Any Questions Come Up Since the Last Interview?

We mention time and time again that it is important to ask questions at your job interview. As long as your questions are intelligent and make the interviewer think, they are good questions. You can ask questions in the beginning, the middle, at the end of your interview – you can even ask questions with your interview answers. There may be a difference between good and bad questions, but as long as the question is good, it will always benefit your shot at employment.

That said, there are a few ways to improve your chances a little bit more. If you are invited to a second interview, and you are asked if any questions have come up, some questions will give you even more bonus points than others.

How to Answer

Obviously you can ask any question you want here. However, the best questions are going to be as follows:

  • Questions that show you researched the products further.
  • Questions that show you researched the position further.
  • Questions that show you researched the company culture further.

These three types of questions are best. You benefit less from questions that came up BECAUSE of the last interview, because the interviewer may wonder why you didn’t ask at your first interview or during the thank you letter. Also, questions that are unrelated to either the first interview or further research can be saved for a more opportune time. The three examples above are the best types of questions to ask.

Bad Answer

“A few. Can you tell me more about [something that they said last interview or random, unrelated question]?”

Good Answer

“A few. Can you tell me more about [something you researched between interviews, either about the company, its culture, or its products]?”

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Good questions will always be good questions.
  • However, if you are asked about questions that came up during the last interview, there are better questions you can ask.

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