How to Hold a Mock Interview, Part 2

Last post we discussed some of the benefits of conducting mock interviews. Mock interviews can be an important tool for:

  • Reducing the stress of job interviews.
  • Learning how to speak your answers clearly and confidently.
  • Getting feedback from the interviewer without a job on the line.

In this post, we will discuss who you should choose to conduct your mock interview so that you receive the greatest benefits.

Does it Matter?

No, not really. You can choose anyone to give you your mock interview and you will still receive many of the benefits. However, if you can find an interviewer that has any (or all) of the following qualities, you are more likely to get the benefits you want from the interview.

  • Someone Honest and Perceptive

Mock interviews allow you to benefit from feedback, so you don’t want an interviewer that is not going to pay much attention or is not going to give you criticism. You want someone that can tell you what you did well and where you need to improve. Ideally, it should be someone intelligent whose judgment you trust, and who has a good understanding of both people and business. Your dumb, clueless high school friend that you keep around for giggles is not going to be as good a mock interviewer.

  • Someone Older

If you are a younger business professional, you may want to try to find a mock interviewer that is older than you, to help simulate the experience of the actual interviewer. Interviewers are rarely in their early 20’s, and part of the mock interview is to prepare you for the actual interview environment. Someone with a lot of work experience is going to simulate that feeling better.

  • Someone Less Comfortable

Not everyone chooses to go this route, but it can be extremely beneficial. Interviewing with someone whom you are not that comfortable is a good way to simulate the job interview experience. A good choice would be a family friend that you barely know but are on good terms with. The less comfortable you feel in the mock interview, the more you will get used to the discomfort in the actual job interview.

  • Someone Intelligent and Confident

We briefly mentioned this before, but it’s usually a good idea to interview with someone that is both intelligent and confident – someone that is going to represent the same qualities that the interviewer has. Dumb, shy people don’t usually make good interviewers. Most likely your interviewer is going to be a talkative, loud, and bright individual, and ideally your interviewer should be too.

Anyone is Better Than No One

All of the above qualities are useful, but not necessary. Simply holding mock interview for yourself provides enough benefits that it is worth doing even if the only person you can find to do the interview is an inattentive, unintelligent stoner that is 15 years younger than you and couldn’t hold a job in the fast food industry. Still, finding someone that has the above qualities can be useful, so if you can find someone that meets any or all of the above criteria, you will find it beneficial.

Next post we will look at some of the tips for how to best conduct a mock interview.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • You don’t need someone that is older, intelligent, confident and perceptive.
  • It helps though.

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