How to Hold a Mock Interview, Part 3

Over the last few posts we have gone over some of the many reasons to hold mock interviews, and who to select as your mock interviewer. Today, we will start looking at the best way to conduct a great mock interview.

Any Mock Interview Is Better Than None

Once again, it is important to note that any mock interview is better than no mock interview. So if you can’t find someone that will agree to all of the tips below, it is still beneficial to do a mock interview anyway. Mock interviews of any kind will help prepare you for the experience of being in a real job interview. All of the advice below is simply designed to improve that preparation.

Prepare Lots of Questions – Both You and the Interviewer

You should prepare as many questions as possible for your job interviewer, ideally on notecards that they can look through. However, your questions are not enough. You should also have the mock interviewer prepare questions of their own, based on the job description, the company, the type of job, and common interview questions both in general and in the field. You don’t want to only use questions you have prepared for, so that you can simulate the experience of answering questions you have not prepared for.

As many questions as you can come up with the better. At least 100 questions if possible. You do not need to answer all of the questions at the mock interview. Rather, the interviewer can pick questions out at random, so that you never know which questions are coming next. You cannot prepare for every question in the actual interview, or the order of each question, and this method is the best way for preparing for the real interview experience.

Additional Mock Interview Tips

  • Introduce yourself, shake hands, etc.

You should be simulating every aspect of the real interview. That includes introductions, talking about the weather, and more.

  • Come dressed up

In order to best simulate the actual interview, you (and possibly your interviewer, if they are willing) should be dressed up in job interview clothes. You want to experience the same discomfort that you will experience at the actual interview to prepare for the feelings you will have throughout.

  • Give your interviewer a list of things to look for

Throughout this website you will find hundreds of interview tips for a successful interview. Write a lot of them down and give them to the mock interviewer. Have them look to make sure that you are successfully doing the things you are supposed to be doing, and avoiding the things that you are supposed to be avoiding. This includes things like posture, crossing your arms, etc.

  • Use a business space

See if you can find a room that looks and feels like the room you may get your interview. Again, the more your mock interview experience simulates the actual interview, the more prepared you will be.

  • Hold new interviews over and over again

If possible, don’t stop after just one interview. Hold a new interview again, shaking hands, introducing yourself, sitting down and getting asked random questions.

In the next post, we’ll add some closing thoughts about these mock interview tips and why they are so effective.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Simulate the real interview experience as best you can.
  • Have the interviewer come up with questions of their own.

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