How to Hold a Mock Interview, Part 4

These last few posts, we have discussed why to hold a mock interview and how to do so in order to benefit you the most before your actual job interview. Now we’d like to offer you some closing thoughts on why these mock interviews are so effective.

Psychological Theory of Habituation

Mock interviews build one of the most well-known theories in psychology: Habituation

Habituation is when a stimulus (in this case, the interview) evokes less response because you are used to its presence. Habituation happens every day with humans and animals alike. You were probably nervous the first time you drove a car after you got your license, but then you got used to driving and it became less stressful. That’s habituation. You may have been nervous on the first day of a new job, but over time that nervousness went away. That’s habituation.

By holding all of these mock interviews, especially if you take the time to simulate an actual job interview, you become more used to the interview process, and while you will always be nervous, the degree of nervousness will be less because you have habituated to what being in a job interview is like.

Mock Interviews are a Great Preparation Tool

Researching the company and planning out as many interview answers as you can are two of the most crucial ways to prepare for the job interview. Both of those vastly improve your chances of getting the job.

Yet while they do a great job preparing you for the individual components of a job interview, they do little to prepare you for the actual stress and pressure of the job interview experience. Mock interviews solve that problem, by providing you with an interview simulation that allows you to get used to the interview process so that it has less of an effect on your abilities. They are a tool that may not be vital, but will go a long way to reducing your interview mistakes.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Mock interviews are great.
  • They are better the more you simulate a real interview.

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