How to Write a Resume

If you carefully write your job resume letters well the chances of getting hired is very high. Resume builders will always allow you to easily create a resume. Here are some of the instructions one can follow and be guided on how to write a winning job resume letter.

  • Select a format which you will use to write your resume.
  • Create and publish your own website in minutes.
  • Include your contact information. Under your name should be your address, email, phone and website if any.
  • Write your address at the top right side of the page. Skip one line and put the date. Skip several lines and put the address of the company you are applying.
  • Write the position you are applying for and say why you are the right candidate. Add your skills, strengths and experience.
  • Use bullet points to highlight your skills and accomplishment because the recruiters don, t want to be burdened with reading long paragraphs.
  • A professional resume should be grammatically correct because any spelling mistake tells the recruiters that you are not conscientious.
  • Don’t list references on the resume unless upon request .
  • If you are just starting a job, write a one page resume but if you have an extensive career history, the resume goes over a page.
  • Write former position and educational levels that would benefit the company in the job resume letter.
  • Write the responsibilities you have and all of your achievements that make you unique and outstanding candidate.
  • Finish your resume letter with a strong paragraph and briefly recap your skills and strengths.
  • Deliver to each point with action words that are easily recognizable and associated with success.
  • Tailor your entire resume to the individual employer by highlighting achievements and past experiences that directly impact the company and can be transferred to the company you are applying.
  • Create a professional profile at the top of the resume that highlight three to four top skills that are related to the job.
  •  Avoid silly pictures or graphics on your resume and instead use plain white or beige stationary to print your resume. Your qualification should should be what to stand out to the hiring manager but not distracting pictures.
  • Clearly  state the objective the job you want to fill and how you expect to succeed in the position.
  • Include special skills  and if you have experience with  industry specific tools, list them.
  • Outline your educational levels  for example what is your degree, have you attended special training or seminars etc.
  • List your past jobs, dates of employment and include the specific accomplishments in each position if you have worked in the past.
  • Print your resume and even if you email your resume initially, always carry a hard copy of a nice linen paper to give your interview.
  • Do not add a cover letter that highlights skills or experiences that are not necessarily in your resume letters.
  • Focus  on the employers need as well as your own needs in order to see really define the benefits you are looking for and if you combine the two to create your  objective statement.

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