How to Write a Resume That Sells Your Microsoft Office Skills

If you have Microsoft Office skills your resume should reflect them. In this article we discuss how you can get your Excel Word skills recognised by a potential employer.

  • Gathering information

Put together all the information you will need to complete your resume so that you may not leave out important information. Such information may include employment history if you have any, honors and awards if you have, your academic level and the skills you have attained including those of Microsoft Office.

  • Using of keyword

In large companies it is most likely that your resume will be read by the computer and the software used to scan the resume looks for certain keywords that are related to the position you want in that company. It is not advisable to assume the skills that seem basic like Microsoft Word because they might be what the employer wants.

  • Specify your skills

Specify on skills which you are more qualified at and do not include the skills which you are not comfortable with.

  • Put programs that look alike together

For the resume scanning software to do the scanning easily you need to group alike computer skills together and this will increase your chance of being hired because the potential employee will see how organized you are.

  • Relevance

Go straight to the point and do not add unnecessary items to your resume. Using directions while writing your skills helps a person not only write features of Microsoft Office Programs only. Make sure you have comfortably stated all your skills.

  • Comparison

It is not a crime to compare your resume with others since there are vital information available on the internet and in libraries about the creation of the resume. Also reading experts resume tips and compare them with yours will help you a lot and help you stand out to the employee as he go throughout your resume.

  • Page layout


Set your page layout and decide on page color, borders and font style.

  • Prioritise

Prioritize the skills you have written according to the type of job you want to make sure you have not listed unnecessary skills and also to include the Microsoft Office uses that are closely associated with the kind of job you have applied for.

  • Be honest

Do not exaggerate your qualifications because the employer is looking for the best candidate fit for the job described. If you feel you are fit are for the job described and you are not comfortable with your computer skills, make it clear in the resume make it known that you are eager to learn and do it fast.

  • Using template

It is not a must you use template while writing your resume but you can use Microsoft Word tools which are basic. Review the resume to make sure everything is in order so that you can be on the safe side.

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