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If you’re a veteran transitioning to the civilian workforce, here’s how Indeed can help you find the most relevant job opportunities and connect with employers who need your skills and expertise.

Translate strengths and skills

Veterans possess many of the professional attributes and skills that are highly valued by employers. Leadership, for example, is the most commonly cited professional attribute in employer job descriptions. But if your resume is filled with military terminology and abbreviations, employers may not understand how qualified you are for the position.

Presenting your relevant skills and experience in terms that civilian employers are familiar with will help them see the value you’ll bring to the job. For example, when highlighting leadership experience on your resume and during interviews, the words “managed” or “led” will be more familiar to civilian employers than “commanded”.

An employer’s job postings and company website will give you valuable context for the language and terms that will resonate with them. Most employers have an Indeed Company Page that provides a comprehensive list of their job postings and links to their company website. To visit an employer’s Company Page, click the ‘more’ link below any job posting and select the ‘learn more about working at’ option. Company Pages also include reviews from current and former employees that will give you a firsthand look at what it’s like to work there.

Make yourself visible to employers

Having an Indeed Resume with work experience and military achievements like commendations and certifications will give employers a complete view of your unique qualifications. In addition, your Indeed Resume includes a section for job skills that can help you be found by employers searching for those skills.

Identify relevant opportunities

With Indeed Military you can find the civilian job postings that are relevant to your military experience based on the Military Occupational Specialty code you enter. Listed below are examples of such codes and their job search results on Indeed. For example, search results for 4301, the code for Basic Public Affairs Office (Marine Corps), include a variety of public relations and communications job postings.

4301 – Basic Public Affairs Officer (Marine Corps)

2T271 – Air Transportation Craftsman (Air Force – Enlisted)

12B – Combat Engineer

Setting up Job Alerts on Indeed will keep you up to date with the latest opportunities, even when you’re taking a day off from your job search. We’ll email you when new jobs matching your search criteria are posted.

Looking for more job search resources? Programs such as the Joining Forces initiative are available to help veterans make a successful transition from the military to a civilian career.

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