Job Search Strategies

Learn the truth about which job search strategies will find you jobs and which ones will waste your time.

  • Sending Resumes to employers in the mail via their online application process: 5% Success Rate
  • Answering ads in profession or trade specific journals applicable to your field: 10% Success Rate
  • Applying for jobs posted on the internet: 20% Success Rate
  • Utilizing the services of a private employment or recruitment agency: 30% Success Rate
  • Asking your personal or professional network for job leads: 40% Success Rate
  • Sourcing out and approaching employers you are keenly interested in whether they are hiring or not: 50% Success Rate
  • Taking the time to build a skills inventory and transferable skills document: 70% Success Rate

job search strategy
Even though these strategies have varying success rates they all certainly have their merits.  Searching jobs online using internet job search engines is the quickest easiest way to get a feeling for what jobs currently exist in the area that you are looking.  You can search by job title, qualifications, location, as well as by company.

It is also becoming a fact that many companies require that applicants complete their online job application process. It allows company’s to stream line their job applications in an efficient and effective manner.

However often the competition for these jobs will be the highest, therefore successfully landing these jobs can be quite tricky.  Job applicants need to stand out from the crowd because it is not uncommon to be running against another hundred or even thousand job applicants.

Tips for standing out include:

  • A polished well written resume & cover letter
  • Receiving a referral or personal introduction to the hiring manager
  • Utilizing a recruitment agency



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  1. BrotherSam says:

    I am curious about where the % come from. Overall great article.

  2. Abdul says:

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