Marketing Interview Question: How Effectively Do You Think You Can Work Within Current Budgetary Constraints?

Your ability to do your job is always a part of any job interview. Within marketing – although really within a lot of fields – your job will be affected by the amount of money the company has available to invest in the work that you do. When budgets play a role in what strategies you can use, the company may wonder or worry that you might struggle with the amount of funding they have available.

How to Answer

There are two ways to answer questions about working within budgetary constraints. The first is to discuss possible strategies you can enact. The second is to tell a story about a time when you worked within extremely difficult budgetary restraints. Only tell a story if you have a good story to tell, and make sure the budget you are describing is even less than the budget you will be offered by the new employer.

Bad Answer

“Depends. How much is available? I have a few ideas but I don’t know how effective they’ll be yet.”

Good Answer

“Most of the marketing strategies I plan on implementing are either free or involve negligible financial commitment. Thanks to various SEO marketing and social media marketing techniques, I foresee no problems improving brand awareness on a limited budget, and I have a few cost effective direct mail marketing ideas as well, based on some successful in depth targeting philosophies I have acquired at my previous organization.”

This is the type of answer that breeds more confidence. You should supply the employer with enough information that they have no trouble believing you can achieve what you claim you can achieve.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Answer in a way that gives the employer confidence in your abilities.
  • Share a story, if applicable.

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