Part Time Jobs You Can Do Using a Computer and the Internet

There are many part time jobs available in the internet that suits your skills.

  • Sales promoters : pick those you can select the number of hours you wish to work and the shift suitable for you and surprisingly you can earn much in a few hours
  • Online Survey:  look for  Google Ads and sites that have a good record and other reputable sources to help you.
  • Donors: some hospitals pay for blood and plasma donation hence you should research the one’s closest to you and need the service.
  • Online marketers : the advantage of this part time job is you can work from anywhere so long as you have a computer or a laptop with internet connection.
  • Writer: many of the freelance jobs are related to writing e.g. SEO articles, writing blogs, online magazines etc. one can also create his or her own e-book and sell it on the internet and still make some income.
  • Web Designer: if you have knowledge in computer and software and you are also good in creativity, this can lead you to being a web designer and start helping people who want to start their own website. One can also concentrate web-related jobs such as web development, server administration, content management and web maintenance.
  • Research Study Assistance: mostly these kind jobs involve post graduate students who hire people to organize their documents, type or read some materials and make notes for them and still people can participate in programs organized by the research center.
  • Desktop researcher: this is completing assignments which involve word processing  which include page layouts, charts and computer graphics utilizing desktop publishing equipment and integrated software packages. This requires a degree holder and experience  in a related area.
  • Medical biller: insurance companies and the government spend time and money researching and controlling claims fraud, abusive practices and medical necessity issues, hence the insurance company, doctors, hospitals hire people to do the work for them.
  • Scheduler: the work of a scheduler is to handle client calendar and update appointments as needed. This job is flexible and help people to show their organizational skills.
  • Tutoring jobs: this involves companies that provide learning to students engaged in a wide variety of topics.
  • Survey-taking: in these,  individuals complete online forms asking for feedback from products, books, movies and other materials. The surveys require answers that provide one’s opinion.
  • Transcription: this is another kind of employment for those interested in part time job it is very easy. Individuals transcribe reports, letters and other memorandum and don’t require a lot of qualifications.
  • Planning: it involves planning events such as weddings,  large parties, corporate outings by individuals who have planning skills.
  • Answering  services: an individual answer incoming calls from offices eg doctor’s office, lawyer’s office etc. after normal business hours to relay information per specific protocol. It is easy but require patience, good personal skills and a pleasant phone presence .

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