The Censoring of Self in Your Job Search

Earlier this week, my
client offered….”So, what you are saying is that I need to ‘censor’
Blog post censor image myself and
how I speak about myself.” While I hadn’t said those exact words, my client had
deduced the essence of our conversation. Here is a definition of censor when used as a verb:

 “examine (a book, movie,
etc.) officially and suppress unacceptable parts of it.”


Choose your words carefully when given the
chance, jobseekers; someone who has your future in their hands is listening to
you and making decisions about you – whether it is in your favor, or not.  If
you tell an HR Manager or corporate recruiter that you hate your current job, that your boss is a jerk and that you despise
looking for work, consider how you are diminishing your chances of getting
hired with each additional negative word or thought expressed.

Examine your language to determine what can stay,
what needs to go and what words warrant an upgrade in your networking and
interview conversations.

Negative-sounding language will likely be used against you in a professional job interview. Once you
start skidding toward the ditch with negative language, consider how each
additional negative-sounding exchange may move you closer to the exit door.

Set yourself up to succeed when writing your résumé or sharing information about yourself and your story. Before you
write your résumé and before you go to an interview, carefully contemplate the
language you would like to convey about the wonderful product – you!

Offer words to your listening audience that engage and connect
versus disengage and disconnect. If one of your networking connections or a
hiring manager asks you “How’s it going today” and you reply…Oh you know,
SSDD (same stuff different day
), consider how the conversation may not go
much further.

Realize that you are in full control of the words you select to speak
about you and your amazing, unique and distinct brand. Purposefully and
intentionally decide the words you will use to speak about yourself. Respect
and honor the numerous gifts you have been given and keep sharing the good news about your knowledge, skills,
abilities and value until someone, somewhere proclaims:

“We want to hire Y O U!”

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