Tips in Finding Work Online

online-workAn advice you would usually get when job hunting is to maximize social networking to expand your contacts list. This is actually a good advice, but the internet can be used for a variety of reasons aside from seeking to expand your networks. Now, I will teach you how to utilize the cyberspace not just in networking, but in actually landing a job.

1. Look professional online

Make sure to get rid of every juvenile and stupid footprint you might have left running amok in your online profiles. Have a professional sounding electronic address. After all, isn’t it about time you got rid of your online address? You might also want to take down that video of you streaking across campus and screaming “I AM BEERCULES!” It was a fun few weeks, we all had a good laugh about it, but it’s time you delete it, bro.

2. Have your resume ready

            The beauty of the internet lies in its ability to instantly send and receive files even across countries. This means that if you are applying via the cyberspace, your prompt response is basically expected. Be prepared to send your resume or cover letter at short notice by having updated soft copies of it in your desktop.

3. Be organized

            Sitting behind your computer monitor inside the confines of your own home allows you to send unlimited numbers of resumes and cover letters to whatever job opportunity you can find online. Here is where effective organization factors in. Keep a log of the websites and companies you’ve sent your resumes and cover letters to. Also keep a copy of each and every customized resume or cover letter you’ve sent for the purpose of referencing should you be called in for an interview.

Do not be passive-aggressive. If you haven’t received a response from a company at least a week since you sent in an application, do not hesitate to contact and follow up on them. Just ask them whether they’ve received your application or if you should resend it. This will give the employers an impression that you are serious about your job application and that you are determined enough to get this job. It will at least compel them to take a second look at your application.

4. Maximize online job search engines

            Craigslist and are only two of the many job search engines available in the World Wide Web. I’m pretty sure you have local job search engines whatever country you might be from. Make sure you get the most out of these sites by going online whenever you can so you can pounce on freshly posted jobs. Be prompt in responding should you be called in for an interview or a trial task. Keep in mind that there are a thousand of people out there who are looking at the same job posting as you are right now. Be prompt, but never ever compromise quality.

5. Never lose hope

            Sending countless resumes and cover letters online without receiving positive responses can very well take a toll in your spirit, but only if you allow them to. Always keep a positive attitude and never lose hope. The right job is out there, you just have to keep on looking. You’ve probably heard that advice before, but it’s an advice worth reiterating. The cyberspace can be used for a lot of things. If you’re not applying for jobs, take tests and skills assessment quizzes that can improve your resume. Whatever you do, just make sure you keep your online time productive.

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