Tips on How to Write Great Cover Letters

According to my research there are over a hundred tips on writing winning cover letters but am guide enough to summarize them for you and I really hope they will be of help to you.

  1. Space down two lines and type date, space down four lines and create separate lines the following, Company Name, Contact Name, Company Address , and City, State, Zip Code then space two more lines and type” RE” space down two more lines and type “dear (Hiring Professional Name).
  2. Address the cover letter to the person who makes the hiring decision in the company because this helps your letter more personal and show that you want the letter to get to the right person.
  3. Do not salute especially if you don’t know the person who will be reviewing your cover letter.
  4. State the body of your letter in the first paragraph and may start like this “I am writing to express my interest in the position of (state the position) that was: listed, posted extra:  and was: on, at, on, or write the lines in any other appropriate information. Write about two paragraphs about you and these paragraphs should not regurgitation of your resume.
  5. State your reasons for wanting to work for this employer. Clearly state how your qualifications will help the company and avoid phrases like “I feel”,  “I believe”,  because they show a lack of self-confidence  but instead use confidence statements like “I am positive”, “am convinced” and you have high chances of getting  the job.
  6. Make sure you are truly qualified for the position to avoid wasting employers and your time.
  7. Acknowledge what the company is best known for e.g. if it makes good products, praise the products and state the company’s reputation.
  8. State clearly what you can contribute to the employer’s organization instead of what you hope to from the organization.
  9. Mention in the first paragraph where you learned about the job opportunity.
  10. In the second and third paragraph, establish your professional image by stating your most significant accomplishments and qualifications.
  11. Make sure you grab the reader’s attention right and make him or her want to keep reading. You need to distinguish yourself well.
  12. Your stationary and envelope should match. You should avoid fancy fonts.
  13. Your letters should briefly explain your desire to work for the company.
  14. In the last paragraph, remind the reader that your resume will further explain your education, experience and qualification.
  15. You should request for a personal interview indicating the time you will be available.
  16. Re-check your letter to make sure it is free from spelling and grammar mistakes because carelessness makes a bad impression to the employers.
  17. If you have any special skills or honors, state them specifying how they can advantage the company.
  18.  Be thankful to the reader for learning about the opportunity.
  19. When closing your letter, tell the reader that you look forward to hearing from the company.
  20. Print the letter using a good ink or laser printer.


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