What Should Her Friend Say About Why She Left?

I get a lot of comments and from time to time like to share them with you – along with my responses.  Here’s one I got recently from Donna:

Hi Ronnie Ann!

My best friend has resigned from her current role in the banking sector, without a job offer. She just joined for less than a year, but due to job fit and boss issues, she was stressed out. Futhermore, she will be getting married at the end of the year.

She needs advice on what to say if she has been asked the reason why she left without a job. She hopes to give a good and positive reason and impression to the interviewer.

She is looking around for new opportunities in the same sector she left. But she needs advice on what to say during the interview. Please help her.


~ Donna

And here’s my response:

Hi Donna!

In situations like this, you answer as honestly and minimally as possible about the details of what happened and impress the interviewer with everything else. She knew it wasn’t a good fit for her and decided to spend her time looking for the right one; a reason or two that differentiates the last job from this new one (without blaming anyone) would help.

Then, leaving the topic of the last job completely behind (if allowed), she can continue to make a strong case why this job is a great fit for who she is and what she wants from her career. Her attitude, clear thinking and delivery – as well as how she connects with the interviewer(s) – are what helps them know she’s right for the company and the job.

She should probably leave the upcoming marriage out at this time since that’s personal and could raise the question of whether she will leave them after the wedding – as well as other swirling doubts. During an interview, the less personal things that can raise questions the better. Plus, employers don’t need to know all that kind of stuff unless it’s something that might interfere with the job.

Hope that helps. I wish her much luck!

~ Ronnie Ann

Note: I was going to say something about advice perhaps being most useful when a person asks for it herself. But in this case, it’s nice that Donna wants to help her friend and this is the kind of situation so many others face, so I stopped myself and just answered without mentioning it. DOH!

Article source: http://www.workcoachcafe.com/2011/07/11/what-should-her-friend-say-about-why-she-left/

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