What you Need When Organizing your Job Search

There are people gifted enough to survive college without ever taking down notes. These people pride themselves with a very sharp memory and a very organized mind. For job seekers, though, the “keep everything in my mind” trick does not work. Seriously, your organized mind also got thrown in the air when you threw your graduation cap on your commencement day. At this point in time, stock knowledge will be of little help. Remember that you are now dealing with professionals who, more often than not, have very limited time to accommodate you. You wouldn’t want to forget important dates, appointments, interviews, or God forbid, your first day at work now, do you? Here is a list of recommended things to obtain to organize your job search:

  1. A planner:

      When I say planner, I don’t mean the scruffy pieces of paper you leave under your fridge magnets to remind you what you need to get the next time you get groceries. I mean a real planner: the one with dates, and spaces for planning out your entire day. This will come in useful for days when you have multiple appointments. It’s good to have a visual reminder where you need to be at what time so you can plan your day route. Also use your planner to take note of the people you need to follow up on.

  1. An address book:

Cellphones crash and virtual files get corrupted. Do not solely rely on modern memory storage devices for something as important as your contacts list. It is worth reiterating that networking makes job hunting a lot easier. Obtain a real address book and manually write down the contact details of your networks. Keep this address book even after you’ve landed a job for you never really know if you’re going to need someone in the future, or if someone is going to need you.

  1. A notebook and a pen:

      Always have these two things with you wherever you go; you never know when you will come across an advertisement for a job opportunity. Again, never completely trust the human memory: it is constructed to forget things from time to time. Take note of every single work opportunity. Do not let your dream job pass you by.

  1. Prepare a lot of calling cards:

You may not realize this, but while you are keeping a list of all your networks, your name also appears on other people’s address books. Make sure you are remembered by slipping a calling card to new people you’re meeting. Prepare a lot of calling cards, so you are never forced to discriminate which ones deserve one. Give your calling cards away like extra change. This will help increase your networks.

5. A resume template:

While I agree that you must modify your resume for every job application, there are certain details that will remain unchanged. Have a template resume that contains all the information needed for all your applications. Also, do not forget to update it regularly should you change contact numbers, addresses, or hairstyles. Also bring as many of these as you can wherever you go. It is as useful as the calling cards for on-the-spot job opportunities.


All in all, just be organized in everything you do. Keep backup files of everything you have. Have two copies of everything and leave one copy in a safe place at home so that you still have something to refer to should you lose your other copy. Being organized is also psychologically beneficial for you to stay positive and motivated whilst job hunting. So there, happy organizing!

Article source: http://www.fastjobresume.com/what-you-need-when-organizing-your-job-search/

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