What’s it like to work in a museum or volunteer with youth in Kenya? Let an Idealist tell you!

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Daniel Davis



Since 2006, Danielle’s worked at three different museums in Massachusetts, doing everything from marketing to development to education. Right now, she’s working at the Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich, MA. Curious about working in a museum? Danielle knows them inside out!


Alena Anderson



Alena’s been working in administrative support for years, and she’s currently getting her degree in business administration. In the meantime, she’s looking for a weekend volunteer gig, and she’s interested in meeting fellow young professionals, artists, and activists in the Detroit area. Shoot her a message to get in touch.


Kennedy Rotich


Kennedy works with Konoin Youth Center in Rift Valley, Kenya. He believes reaching young people in rural areas is key to fighting illiteracy, poverty, and HIV, and if you’re passionate about working with rural youth, particularly, in Kenya, he’d like to meet you.



Morgan LaForge


Morgan is a photographer and videographer looking for an opportunity to help out nonprofits. She’s looking for clients, collaborators, and opportunities to offer her skills pro bono. Take a look at her website, and let her know how you’d like to work together!





Elena works at Idealist managing our Spanish site, Idealistas.org. She’s always interested in meeting with social entrepreneurs in the Spanish speaking community in the U.S., Latin America, and around the world! Do you know someone she should get in touch with? Or are you working on a project you think she should know about? Send her a message!



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